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  • Automatic Stencil Printer SP500

    1. New image recognition system- geometric match
    2. high-precision servo drive system
    3. PCB positioning system
    4. Many kinds of snap-off
    5. Torch special manual/automatic adjusted plate
    6. Smart stencil structure clamping

  • Automatic Solder Paste Jet Printing Machine P1

    P1 is a fully automatic solder paste printing machine, it can be solder paste on PCB with instantaneous velocity jet. In the small production process quantities and many varieties, instead of automatic screen printing machine meeting the requirment of rapid production.

  • Automatic Screen Printer

    SP400 screen printer is the most economic inline system high precision LED solder paste screen printer Suitable for mass production of LED strips
    Flexible working table, pcb board will be fixed on it and moved by transmission system
    Suitable for single and double size circuit board
    Precision guiderail helps the adjustment of PCB board position, movement of working platform, up and down of squeegee, cooperating with frequency motor to move.

  • High Precision Se-mi Automatic Printer T1300V

    Newly launched high precision semi-automatic SMT solder paste printing machine T1300V is for mass production. PCB plate is fixed on the flexible work platform for easy to print single-side and double-sides PCB boards. The adjustments of the PCB plate position and the movement of the work platform are driven by the linear square guide-tracks, cooperated together with a double-frequency motor to ensure exact moving and high accuracy. It is now the optimal choice to take the place of full automatic printing machine and decrease the cost of the production maximally.

  • Semi-auto Screen Printer T1200LED

    T1200LED is the most economic and high precision LED screen printer, is the most suitable for mass production of LED strips and lamps. PCB board is faxed on flexible working stable, the stable can hold single size and double-size circuit board, the adjustment of PCB board position, movement of stable, the up-and-down of squeegees is guided to move by high precision guiderail, cooperating with invert motor, which will confirm the accuracy of movement and repeat. T1200LED is the best choice of LED circuit board.

  • Semi Automation High Precision Screen Printing Machine T1200D

    T1200D is the first printing machine with digital Display-Module for the pressure inland. With the help of the creative design "adjusting system of the scraper pressure with digital display", the pressure of the scraper can be easily adjusted to make the control of printing visible.

  • Bench-top High Accuracy Semiautomatic Printing Machine T1100

    T1100 is a high accuracy semiautomatic printing machine. The operator only needs to press the double switch button at one time. Then the printing machine will automatically finish the single pass of the printing process. After the printing is done, take out the PCB plate and put it into the turnover box or directly into the mount machine. In the end put another PCB in the printing machine to go on with the next printing cycle.

  • Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine T1000

    Raise the template, take out PCB board, finish printing pad on it. the scraper moving of automatic printing is drive by parallel guideway with screw drive, using screw rotate to finish scraper moving; rubber scraper is used in manual printer. Speed, angle and pressure are controlled by operators. with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of emerging chip increase, the accuracy of the printer made great challenges, especially for small manual printer, some problems are below: 1. the worktable can’t meet high precision printing; 2. manual speed, angle and pressure are not controlled very well; 3. printing consistency is a problem.

  • Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine T4030

    Technical standards:
    Printing size: Max.300*400mm
    Applied Area: silk screen and steel-mesh
    Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine T4030 Weight: 12.5Kg
    Dimension: 700mm*600mm*350mm