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  • PCB Plate Making Machine CNC3600A

    CNC3600A Series: it is particularly suitable for making precision double board; with automatic replacing system which is standard. precision screw with three-axis servo controller which are standard; X Y axis precise controlling;
    High precision repetition to ensure continuous error less than 1mil.

  • PCB Plate Making Machine PCB2400

    PCB Plate Making Machine PCB2400 can make single and double PCB automatically, quickly, and precision according to the design of the PCB, which designed by software(Protel, Orcad, PADS). Customer finish the design of PCB and produce the required file, then transmit this file to the PCB machine through RS-232, and then the PCB machine will finish the whole PCB plate making process, like drill, engrave and cut.

  • Germany PROMA PCB Plate Making Machine CNC3200A

    CNC3200A series: specially suit for making precision double side of PCB; standard configure automatic replace tool system. Standard configure Germany precision screw and three axis controller with high precision step motor; control the X Y Z axis precision, high repeated precision, make sure error is less than 1mil when repeated making PCB.

  • Germany PROMA PCB Plate Making Machine CNC3000

    Germany PROMA PCB Plate Making Machine CNC3000:
    High efficiency, high precision, small volume, simple operation, It is widely used in junior college, scientific research organization, arms-industry, electron fan, electron factory.

  • Plate Making Machine PCB2300

    Drilling in the copper board
    Control the depth of milling, strip unnecessary copper to form wire pad
    Directly set and reset origin
    Virtual processing software, preview the processing path
    Display the real process
    Multi-holes at once, save the need for frequent tool change process

  • PCB Plate Making Machine PCB2100D

    PROTEL. PCB file import driving program, carving, drilling, cutting edge, full CNC operation. With the software controlling, X, Y, Z axis drive motors do the appropriate action, driving high-speed spindle motor move according to program instructions. Spindle motor drive cutting tool to shape components according to user requirements.