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Chip Checking Microscope TG2U

  • Technical Data Sheet

TG2U lithography is used in the LSI, sensor, surface wave component, magnetic bubble, microwave, CCD and so on.


1. Template size:

a. 100×100×2-3mm;

b. 75×75×2-3mm;

2. silicon size: Φ50-Φ75mm, real line width 3-4цm;

3. comparative displacement between template and silicon:

a. X,Y ≥±2. 5mm;

b. θ(rotate)≥±5°;

4. support station (silicon) rotate Z axies: rough tuning 360°, fine tuning ±5;

5. Integrated moving range of working station:X,Y integrate Φ75mm;

6. the space between ball basical station and template:0-7mm;

7. exposure system:GCQ200W over high-pressure ball Hg, exposure wave length:300~436nm;

8. engergy is not less than 407nm of wave length;7mw/cm;

9. uneven is within Φ75mm: ±5%:

10. lighting wave length: ≈545nm;

11. exposure time: O.01 seconds-99. 99 minutes;

12. the focusing range of binocular: 13mm;

13. the zoom of binocular;

a. pair ocular: lOX,16X;

b. flat field objective: 6X,9X,15X;

c. total zoom out: 60X-240X;

14. vacuum touching pressure: ≥O. 7Kgf;

15. power supply;

a. frequency: 50HZ(Z);

b. rotated input voltage: 190V-230V;

c. power consumption: ≤300VA;

16. Dimension: 1000X850X980mm (2 boxes)

17. Weight: ≈200Kg;

(1) vacuum supply: ≥450mm Hg;

(2) The device of air supply stability is below.

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