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I'll Tell You Something About Vacuum Heat Treatment

Date: 2019-12-28

Type of vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum annealing: eliminate and reduce the heterogeneity of tissue, remove internal stress and improve its plasticity.

Vacuum tempering: eliminates internal stress during machining.

Vacuum quenching: (gas quenching, oil quenching) fast cooling after heating to harden the material.

Vacuum carburizing: carburizing is performed in vacuum heating and in a negative pressure carburizing atmosphere.

Vacuum ion carburizing: a new vacuum chemical treatment for hardening of metal surfaces.

Vacuum chemical heat treatment: vacuum carbonitriding, vacuum boronizing and other processes (being perfected).

Vacuum glow ion nitriding: generally ion nitriding under high voltage dc field.

Vacuum metallization: metallization in vacuum by high pressure.

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