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Germany PROMA PCB Plate Making Machine CNC3200A

  • Technical Data Sheet

CNC3200A series: specially suit for making precision double side of PCB; standard configure automatic replace tool system. Standard configure Germany precision screw and three axis controller with high precision step motor; control the X Y Z axis precision, high repeated precision, make sure error is less than 1mil when repeated making PCB.


A. Advanced: suit for double side PCB, can engrave, drill, cut the PCB.

B. Effective: it takes only several minute to finish one PCB.

C. High precision: Standard configure Germany precision screw and three axis controller with high precision step motor; control the X Y Z axis precision to make sure the high precision.

D. Convenient: software installation is easy and suit for variety PCB.

E. Confidential: no need outsourcing processing, lab can finish the whole process.

F. Software is powerful, convenience and fast, have memories for processing, can continue to work when interrupt at any process.

G. With three face transparent sound insulation dust-proof covers, suitable for teaching demonstration and observation angles, and the front door with safety device to protect the safety of operators

H. Standard configure tool cooling system, can prolong the lifetime of the tool, also can improve the precision.

I. Carving process can remove the excess of copper all laid or remove the copper on the line, remain the excess copper, saving time and improve the effective.

J. Multi-function transfer software is suit for variety PCB design software.

K standard configure automatic replace tool system, can automatically replace 9 pcs tools, can extend to 18 pc tools(optional).

L. Configuration sound insulation dust cover, and safety device, can make sure the safety of operator when working.

Technical Parameters:
min line diameter4mil (0.1mm)
line width 0.15mm
min insulative space0.15mm
repetition accuracy0.02mm
min drilling diameter0.15mm
Transmission resolution0.001mm
work table310*410*130mm, work size: 500*375mm
Spindle speed10000-60000RPM Infinitely adjustable, spindle power: 200W, can up to 250W
three axis speed100*100*100mm
automatic changing graver, 9 sets graver head, the handle 3mm-3.175mm, can add to max 36pcs tools, automatically install card.
drilling speedup to 100pc /min
Transmission waystandard configure Germany precision screw and three axis controller with high precision step motor, Pneumatic tools chuck, fabrics hood.
Flatness compensation the flatness of PCB make sure the precision.
light deviceWith light device to observe engraving process
Dust collection deviceprofessional dust collection device to make sure internal cleaness,hich continent to view the engraving process. can use with vacuum worktable (optional).
software with professional automatic tool, multiaxial engraving software, easy to input NCP, PLT, DIN 66025 format.
with protective cover, can view at 360 angel, also with safety switch to make sure the operator’safety.
operation systemWin98/2000/XP
min memory512MB
Handheld magnifying glassmagnification 40 times, with mm scale and lighting
special air pump with 30L air cans, max air pressure is 8 bar, air flow is 100 L/min.
demission 700*700*700mm
speed of no load100mm/s
Trough mill speed6mm/s
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