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PCB Hole Metalizing Plating System PCB2010 (Copperize)

  • Technical Data Sheet

1. Plating solution micro-circulation system: Built-in two sets of porous foam tubes and quiet air pump to make plating solution micro-circulation to improve the quality of plating;

2. Plating PCB moves towards and backwards regularly: Control electroplating speed can be adjusted.

3. Integrated structure.

4. sealed design ensure no plating solution pollution, plating quality is good.

5. Power supply: adjustable DC stable power supply and pressure can provide 0-15V, 0-5A of constant voltage and constant current.

Technical Parameter:
Waving frequency 0-250 T / min
Waving range 0-7mm
Max size of PCB 200*200mm
Working speed 20-50mm/S
Max power 80W
Working voltage AC210-240V
Dimension L*W*H: 470*380*500mm
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