Vacuum Eutectic Furnace V4A

Description of Vacuum Eutectic Furnace V4A

1. Welding temperature: The actual maximum welding temperature of Vacuum Eutectic Furnace V4A is ≥600℃.

2. Vacuum degree: ultimate vacuum degree ≤10 Pa, working vacuum 50Pa-200Pa.

3. Effective welding area: ≥380mm*310mm.

4. Furnace height: ≥100mm, customized for special height.

5. Heating method: using bottom infrared radiation heating + top infrared radiation heating, the heating plate adopts semiconductor grade silicon carbide graphite flat. The silicon carbide graphite platform is not easy to deform after long-term use, and has high thermal conductivity, which makes the surface temperature of the hot plate more uniform.

6. Temperature uniformity: ≤±2% within the effective welding area.

7. Heating rate: the maximum heating rate of the graphite heating platform is less than or equal to 120°C/min.

Technical Parameters

Model V4A
Welding area 380mm*310mm
Furnace height 100mm(Special height non-standard customization)
Temperature range up to 600℃
Extreme vacuum ≤10Pa equipped with mechanical pump, ≤10-4Pa equipped with molecular pump
heating rate ≤120℃/Min
cooling rate ≤60-100℃/Min
Data interface Serial port /USB port
Device control mode Industrial computer + software control system
Welding technology 40 stage temperature control + vacuum pressure control
Cooling mode Water cooling (including cold and heat exchangers, chillers)
Rated power 30KW
Power Supply Three item five line 380V 25-50A
Dimension 900*1100*1300mm
Weight 280Kg

Actual installation drawing (occupation area 3 ㎡)

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