Brusher PS400

  • Technical Data Sheet

The machine is used for taking off oil and oxide layer; mainly for PCB board polishing treatment, also for stainless steel, aluminium plate and cooper plate. The process includes board input, brushing, water washing, board output.

Main technical parameter:
Effective width400mm
Working height850mm±25mm
Transmission speed0.5~5m/min (adjustable)
Manufacturing sizeLength: >140mm, width: < 400mm, thickness: 0.5-3.2mm
Roller Brushes specificationΦ80×415mm (diameter×length) grid size: 320mm
Roller Brushes rotating speed1826r/min
Roller Brushes motor0.75kW
Transmission motor150W
Water flow capacity15-20L/min
DimensionL×W×H = 550×740×900mm
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