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Large-scale Vacuum Soldering System H5/H6

Technical Data:

Brief Introduction: the introduction of H5.

Application Fields: IGBT module, MEMS packaging, high power electronics packaging, photoelectric device packaging, hermetic packaging etc.

Equipment Introduction:

1. Viewing system: cavity has the visible window, can observe welding process at any time.

2. Heating system: the equipment configure 5/6 set heating system, at the same time it is working in a vacuum.

3. Vacuum system: The equipment configurates the large vacuum pump, can quick achieve the vacuum environment of high temperature 0.1mbar, mbar 0.01mbar.

4. Cooling system: The equipment adopts water cooling system, to make sure can fast cooling at the high temperature and vacuum environment.

5. The software system: heating and cooling programmable control, heating and cooling curve can be set according to craft, each curve can be automatically generated,can be editted, modified, and storaged.

6. The control system: a modular software design can set process curve, vacuum extraction, the atmosphere, cooling, etc independently, and the combined production process achieve the one key operation.

7. The atmosphere system: Free soldering flux can be achieved.And the machine can be filled with H2, N2 / H2 gas mixture, HCOOH, N2 or protective gas reduction, etc., ensure there is no empty spot.

8. The data recording system: real-time monitoring and data recording system, software curve recording function, temperature curve saving function, process parameters saving function, device parameters recording and calling function.

9. The protection system: eight system security status monitoring and security designing (weldments overtemperature protection, machine temperature safety protection, air pressure alarm protection, pressure protection, safe operation protection, welding cooling water protection, level of protection, power protection).


1. High vacuum degree: 0.01 mbar high vacuum, vacuum degree of cavity numerical real-time display, and can control and adjust.

2. Vacuum pumping speed: 50 m³/h.

3. Process cavity pressure: 0.1 mbar.

4. Bearing of the heating plate layer insulation, single bearing ≥20 kilograms.

5. Fast cooling speed: set up independent water and gas cooling equipment in the cavity, cause the welding device for rapid cooling.

6. Welding quality of low void rate ensure that after welding, large welding plate implementation avhive hole rate under 3%.

7. Meet the jinxi welding, high lead solder, lead-free materials such as high temperature welding requirements and technical requirements of high quality welding solder paste in the vacuum environment.

8. High capacity, each layer of the actual welding area is 500 * 300 mm, multilayer work at the same time, achieving the mass production of device.

Model H5 H6
Welding size 500*300*70mm*5 layers 500*300*70mm*6 layers
Single layer weight bearing 20KG
Highest temperature 350℃ — 450℃
Control system Temperature control system+ Vacuum system + Cooling system+ Atmosphere system +Software control system
Temperature curve Can store several 40 segment temperature curve
Rated power 9KW*5 layers 9KW*6 layers
Vacuum degree Highest 0.01mbar
Max heating temperature 80 /minute
Max cooling temperature 150 /minute
Atmosphere reduction Nitrogen and hydrogen gas mixture、pure nitrogen、nitrogen and other inert gas and formic
Power source 380V 20-50A
Temperature uniformity ±1%
Dimension 780*1000*1500mm


Model H5 H6
Single side soldering size 500*300mm(5 layer) 500*300mm(5 layer)
furnace Height 70mm 70mm
The temperature range Room temperature — 450° Room temperature — 450°
The fastest heating rate ≥80°C /min ≥80°C /min
The fastest cooling rate 160°C /min 160°C /min
Vacuum degree 0.01mbar 0.01mbar
Control way The industrial computer+ Software system The industrial computer+ Software system
Temperature curve 40 period temperature control 40 period temperature control
Power Supply 3~/N/PE 380V 50 Hz ± 3~/N/PE 380V 50 Hz ±10%
Rated power
Actual power

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