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Vacuum Annealing Furnace H2S

Vacuum Annealing Furnace H2S

H2S is a large-size vacuum annealing furnace with a heating plate area of 1100*550mm, which can realize the annealing process for larger-size workpieces or mass annealing process for small-size workpieces. It has a wide range of adaptability and is suitable for various production needs of customers.


1. Heating system: The equipment is equipped with a heating system and works in a vacuum environment at the same time.

2. Vacuum system: The equipment is equipped with a direct-connected high-speed rotary vane vacuum dry pump, which can quickly achieve a high vacuum environment in the furnace chamber.

3. Cooling system: The equipment uses a nitrogen cooling system to ensure that the temperature can be quickly cooled in a high-temperature vacuum environment.

4. Software system: Programmable temperature rise and fall control, temperature rise and fall curves can be set according to the process, each curve can be automatically generated, edit, modify, store, etc.

5. Control system: The software modular design can independently set process curves, vacuum extraction, atmosphere, cooling, etc., and can combine production processes to achieve one-key operation.

6. Atmosphere system: The equipment realizes flux-free welding, and can be filled with reducing or protective gases such as N2, HCOOH, etc.

7. Data recording system: It has uninterrupted real-time monitoring and data recording system, software curve recording, temperature control curve storage, process parameter storage, equipment parameter recording and calling.

8. 8 safety system monitor and protect system (Over temperature protection, The temperature security protection, air pressure protection, water pressure protection, safety operation).


1. High vacuum, real-time display of the vacuum degree of the cavity, and can be controlled and adjusted.

2. Rapid cooling rate: Independent water cooling and gas cooling devices are set up in the cavity to make the welded devices achieve rapid cooling.

3. Welding quality with low void rate: to ensure that the large-area pad can achieve a void rate below 3% after welding.

4. It can meet the high temperature vacuum annealing process of various materials. At the same time, it can meet the high-temperature soldering requirements of high-lead solder, lead-free solder sheets and other materials, and the technical requirements for high-quality soldering in a vacuum environment with solder paste.

5. High productivity: large-area welding realizes mass production of devices.

Technical Parameter:

power supply 380V±10%,50HZ±1HZ
Ambient temperature 10 — 30℃
Relative humidity <60%
Effective working size (width * height * depth) 550mm*1100mm*150mm (Realize mass vacuum annealing production)
Maximum loading capacity of equipment The workpiece can be larger than 400kg
heating method Electric heating
Rated working temperature 100 —300℃
Maximum temperature 400℃
Temperature uniformity ±2%℃(100 — 300℃)
System temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Heating rate Max 5-7℃/min (Full load 300kg)
Cooling rate Min5-7℃/min (Full load 300kg)
Vacuum degree Working vacuum ≤1.5Pa (including all fixtures and workpieces)
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